April 26, 2023
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From Indian Rummy to Poker, here are 5 Popular Card Games in India


Card games in India have always been the go-to activity. From playing during long journeys in trains to Diwali parties, card games have always been Indians’ favourite games to pass time. These games have been adapted from all over the world. With the advent of the internet, most card games have emerged in the form of apps, enabling players to play anytime, anywhere. 


Some of the card games that are popularly played in India are:

Teen Patti 

Popularly played during Diwali, Teen Patti is an exciting game. Before the game begins, each player puts in a certain amount of money that constitutes an ‘ante’. Each player is dealt 3 cards. In each round, players can bid more money depending on the strength of their cards. If players don’t hold strong cards, they can choose to drop out and lose the money they bid. The players choosing to continue must either bid an equal or higher amount. The winning hand gets all of the money. 

Teen Do Panch (Three, Two, Five) 

This game is ideally played only among 3 players with 30 cards. The 30 cards include 7 to the ace of spades, 7  to the ace of hearts, 8 to the ace of clubs and 8  to the ace of diamonds. The 3 players are divided into dealer, cutter and player. The dealer distributes the cards and the cutter cuts the deck and picks the trump card. A trump card is either 7 of spades or 7 of hearts. The aim of the game is to build hands and win with two tricks. The dealer makes only 2 hands and the other two players make 5 and 3 hands respectively. The player with the highest-ranking card wins. 


Poker is a crowd favourite that requires tact and skill. In this game, players are dealt 5 cards each in which the player with the strongest hand wins. What makes this game exciting is that at the beginning each player places a bet. The bidder that submits the biggest amount prevails. However, there is a chance that the player could lose the money if challenged.

Indian Rummy

If you play rummy, this is going to be an easy one. One of the popular card games, Indian rummy is played between 3 to 6 players with multiple decks. A player cuts the deck and pulls out a joker while the dealer deals 13 cards to each player. The aim is to make a series of sets and sequences. The first player to make the right series of sets and sequences wins. Each player must make a pure sequence, impure sequence and sets. Jokers can be used as a substitute for a missing card. The player with the lowest cumulative points wins the game. Indian rummy can now be played online, at your leisure through rummy apps! 

Satte Pe Satta 

In this game, any number of players can play. The game begins with the player holding 7 of hearts. The consecutive player must either put a number that is lower or higher i.e, either 6 or 8 of hearts. If the player doesn’t have either of these cards, then they must forgo their turn. The next player can play with 7 of any suit, and when that happens then the next player can play with 6 or 8 of that suit only. The first player to finish up their cards is the winner. 

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