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Payment & Withdrawal
  • How to Add Cash?
    For now, you can only add cash through PayTM. We will soon enable adding cash through Bank accounts using UPI, Credit Card etc.
  • How to Withdraw Cash?
    For now, you can only withdraw Cash into your PayTM Wallet.
  • How to refer friends?

    Share the referral code on your Profile page and ask your friends to enter the referral code on sign up

    Share the app using sharing link on Profile Page

  • What is a Tournament?
    A tournament is an event organized for every game in a given time slot. Users can register for these tournaments by paying the entry fee. Users once registered, can play any number of times and better their score to win more money, until the tournament ends
  • Who will win the cash in Tournaments?
    The prize structure can be seen by clicking on the Tournament tile under Tournaments.
  • Every time I play a tournament, do I have to pay the entry fees?
    You have to pay the entry fees only for new tournaments you want to join. If you have already joined a tournament, you can play any number of times in the timeslot.
  • What is a Battle?
    Battles are games where you can challenge others for a one on one challenge
  • Can I play a tournament while I search for a battle?
    Yes. When the battle search is happening at the top of your screen, you can continue doing other things on the app. You will be notified when you get a match for the Battle
  • What is “Ready” option?
    When a Match is found, you will have 10 seconds to accept the Match. Failure to accepting will lead in penalty
  • How many battles can I play?
    There is no limit on the number of battles, however each new battle will require a new entry fees.