Playship is RNG Certified

RNG Certified: For safe and fair gaming

At Playship, we go the extra mile to ensure your game of rummy is enjoyable and genuine. Because, let's face it, only when things are authentic do we enjoy it completely. Much like the piping hot sambar from the streets of T-Nagar or the Vada Pav from Chowpati or the Benne Dosa from MTR; you're getting the drift right?

Yes, we are tech nerds who are also foodies, but we're also obsessed with making your experience of playing rummy as authentic as possible. Take the RNG certification we have on our app for example. We literally went the extra mile to get it on our app to ensure the rummy that you play is fair and genuine. The RNG certification is quite significant as it makes sure that the cards are shuffled randomly using the highest standards. The shuffling is as random as Simpsons predicting the future accurately.

What is RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generators. It's a program that randomly generates a value that cannot be predicted by anyone. Consider it to be a flip of a coin or a throw of a dice, you can never know what the outcome will be. In the case of rummy, RNG helps in the random distribution of cards. No player can ever know what they or their opponent is going to get.

Self-review your games

We also let our users self-review their games. No, it's not like you reviewing your school exam papers, but more like you going back to the highlights of the game that you just watched. This way you can see the mistakes you made and how you could've played better.

So, the next time you play a game of rummy on Playship, remember that a lot of technology and certifications are behind it to make sure your game is authentic and genuine.

RNG Certificate