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Fair Play Policy

Rummy is accepted as a game based on skill and requires a person with an analytical bent of mind to play the game, also rummy is very much a social game played among circles of friends, family, colleagues, and social club members. As Playship is designed for a game of rummy to be exclusively played among friends, family, well – wishers and among members of social clubs etc…, a certain responsibility stands for all concerned. Playship maintains a strict fair play practice on its platform. This Fair Play Policy (“Policy”) covers the mentioned aspects to guard the spirit of competition and skill as the rummy players take on each other at the game table. Further, this Policy defines the approach that the Playship team will take when fair play violations are observed in the platform. For the purpose of this policy, “Fair Play Violation/s”/”FPV” mean any form of fraudulent or illegal activity adopted by the users for playing on our platform including but not limited to collusion, money laundering, cheating, manipulation etc.” Preventive Steps taken by Playship any fair play violations on its platform :

The rummy game conducted at Playship is available free of cost i.e.,along with the t he group games we also provide cash games which can be played for real moneyit does not involve real money. The admin of a particular Playship group procures Chips from Playship free of cost and distributes it among the group members to play the game of rummy at Playship. Our players can enjoy and experience rummy online through our offerings like chip based online rummy games and tournaments. We ensure that playing rummy using chips is mostly safe, easy and flexible as this does not involve real money. In addition, every player must be capable of maintaining their own rummy chips for playing online rummy.
The players in a closed group shall not play the free rummy game for any unlawful gain by involving real money by themselves.
Our anti-fraud system tracks each movement of each player on end of the game from a fairness standpoint and penalise users players who violate our fair play policy.
We are committed to providing best in industry fair place to our users. We adopt anti collusion measures prior to each game during game and even after a player has finished playing.
We closely monitor the suspected games and if a system detects any fare play violation, then the player(s) account will be frozen immediately including the chips and will be dealt in the manner details herein.
Any player found engaging in fair play violation will not be allowed to play the games henceforth.
By joining and playing on our platform, players agree that they will not indulge in any fair play violation by technical or non-technical means to manipulate the game outcomes weather in their favour or not.
Before the game starts, Playship ensures that seating is random and the cards are shuffled with the random number generator certified by iTech Labs.
During the game, information about the playing cards is always encrypted which prevents any 3rd party from viewing the same.
Each players move (selection of cards, discards, melts, shows) is tracked by anti-fraud and fair play algorithms. This tracking is done for each and every player on every table round the clock without reading or recording of the players cards at any stage of the game.
Necessary checks are done to analyse if 2 or more players are engaging in any fair play violation during the course of a game. And alert is automatically raised if any suspicious activity is done.
We scrutinise the suspected games and if our risk team finds any fare play violation, accounts of players who won and accounts of players who helped or collude in committing fair play violation would be blocked and their entire chips can be potentially seized according to our fair play policy.
After the game ends, players confirmed of indulging in fair play violation will be blocked from playing on Playship forever.
Playship shall reserve the right to review any game of any player at any point in time. If any games are found to be in violation of this policy, then strike penalty and actions will be taken as per this policy.
Playship reserves the right to update or modify the policy without any prior intimation.

Other Restrictions / Prohibitions

You can play all games/tournaments in which you have registered/joined. You cannot use any form of external assistance to place. You shall not add unauthorised components exploit, create or use cheats, use bots, or any other third party software design to modify/alter the website or use any third party software that intercepts minds or otherwise collects information from or through the website or through any services. Any attempt to use any such external assistance is strictly prohibited and will be termed as fair play violation.
Display names: Playship strictly prohibits creation of login names or passwords which are offensive bar racist bar abusive or violates any applicable law or violates the rights of any living or non-living persons or place in any way.
Multiple accounts by same person: Players are not allowed to create multiple IDs to either register or play on Playship.
Anti-spamming & Money Laundering: We have a strong commitment that such activities are strongly prevented on our platform. Playship strictly prohibited sending spam emails or any unauthorised content along with any practice of money laundering on Playship.

Game Cancellation Policy

In the event, a rummy game is cancelled on Playship due to technical issues or other glitches at our end or due to some player(s) indulging in any form of fair play violation; the following settlement policy shall be followed:

We shall give back the chips used by all genuinely affected players.
Games were fair play violation is detected, the chips used by players indulging in fair play violation including collusion or cheating is not given back and a penalty may be levied as per Playship’s fair play policy. Only the chips used by generally affected players will be given back.

Tournament Games

We will update tournament policy once tournaments are live on Playship.

How to report a Fair Play Violation

Players must report a violation of Fair play within 72 hours of the occurrence via email support@playship.com, post which Playship’s risk team should investigate the reported game and respond within 72 hours. The necessary action for a valid cases will be taken as per the game cancellation and give back policy.