February 17, 2023
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5 Rummy Game Trends in 2023

Rummy, despite being a popular game played with friends and family, its limitation was having enough players around to play with. However, with the emergence of apps online, Rummy game apps took the internet by storm. Now it’s possible to play rummy online from anywhere, at any time. The reason why rummy is such a popular online game is because of its ever-changing trends and upgrades. In this blog, we will be discussing the 5 rummy trends in 2022.


Multiple Tables

This is one of the attractive trends of online rummy games. In Playship, you can play rummy at multiple tables and with either 2 players or 6 players. The different tables enable the players to be part of different games simultaneously. This lets them practice as much as they’d like and ace their game.


Variants of Rummy

Along with multiple tables, the players can play different kinds of rummy. Be it a 2-player game or 6 player game, individuals can choose either. They can also choose if they want to play a free game, cash game, practice game, tournaments and a lot more! What makes it furthermore interesting is that there are different types of rummy such as Points rummy, Deals, 61 Pool, 101 Pool and 201 Pool.


Offers and Rewards

For any game, the player must get some sort of motivation to play. One of the biggest motivators of Playship rummy is that the players can receive plenty of offers and rewards. Players can enjoy unlimited cash games and get up to ₹15,000 GameCash upon joining. There is a referral system that helps you get rewards by referring the game to your friends.


Personalisation  Features

Playship offers some exciting features that make the gameplay a lot more fun and interactive. One such feature is the game table layout. Players can choose the layout of the game table as per their preference. They can also choose the card themes they want to play with. To make the game more interactive, Playship has an audio chat feature where players can indulge in banters, jokes and comments while playing the game. This way every rummy game becomes memorable.


Safe and fair

While online rummy games can seem sketchy, Playship offers a completely safe and fair platform for individuals in an online rummy game. The payment channels are secure, quick and verified enabling smooth and valid transactions. Furthermore, there are no bots of any kind. This is ensured by the RNG (Random Number Generator) system which has been certified by iTech Labs. This ensures that the cards are randomly generated making each game a fair one. If there are any issues, Playship is always ready to assist you through its customer support team.


All of these latest trends in rummy have made it incredibly easy for players to play a fair, fun and secure game. To experience all of it in real time, download the Playship app!