January 3, 2023
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As humans, we have become very dependent on social media apps to lead our normal daily lives. We see social media apps right from the time we wake up to the last moment before we go to sleep. Some even get into the habit of watching reels to sleep. Many of us have even found ourselves watching social media apps while watching TV or doing office work. It is not like people enjoy these social media apps all the time; they just do it out of habit. 

Some may ask since social media usage has become a habit, what other alternative is there? The Rummy game on various Rummy apps and websites is a great alternative. Why? Unlike social media, which we consume mindlessly, the Rummy game needs you to engage, make your mind think, and sharpen your intelligence. Simultaneously it also helps people spend their time engaging in an interesting activity. 

Are you also bored with these generic social media apps that everybody uses but tends to forget the purpose of it? Do you just want to free yourself from this boredom? 

Regular Social Media Apps Bore you? Is Rummy Game Better?

What are the most common mobile apps that bore people the most? Let us find out. 

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a great app for regular communication with people. But this app has also left people with no free time or personal time. Now people are available on WhatsApp 24*7. Even after the office gets over, office people can reach out to you on this app and drive you crazy. Or the typical family WhatsApp groups that send a thousand forwarded messages in a day. Why waste your time here? Let WhatsApp be just for essential messaging, the real purpose that it was built for. 
  • Instagram: What does a common man gain out of posting a picture or a story on Instagram? Absolutely nothing. Influencers and cricketers, celebrities, sports persons, and others earn lakhs or even crores when they post one single photo on social media. They have something to gain out of using this app throughout the day, but you hardly have any real purpose for it. It only earns you real money once you become an influencer or a social media star. 
  • Facebook: Once upon a time, Facebook was a dedicated place to find out your old and long-lost friends who you lost touch with. This was like a modern version of Orkut, and people loved it in the beginning. But now, it has become a habit that is boring and purposeless at the same time. Currently, this app has a lot of security risks, and many people get their accounts and profiles hacked and lose all their valuable data. This place has no privacy left, and a lot of people have been subject to online scams on this platform. 
  • Flipkart/Amazon: When people see those random flash sales on these shopping apps, they tend to buy more and even end up buying things that they might never use. A hefty discount might look very attractive, but ask yourself, do you really want to waste your hard-earned money on random stuff? 

Why PlayShip.com never bores you

Play Ship is one dynamic Rummy game app which has an endless number of game options. There are many such strategic game apps and websites in the market. You can also use these Rummy apps to win money and develop your strategic skills at the same time. These games are entertaining, you have the opportunity to win real cash, and you can also play them with your friends.

Parting Thoughts

Join Play Ship today and start playing the Rummy game with your friends and never get bored for a minute longer when you have this exciting app on your phone. Enjoy!