December 28, 2022
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Different card games require you to pull off different kinds of game plans and playing styles. The rummy game is a game of patience, strategy and mindfulness. The player must be equally as aware of what his opponents are doing, as he should be of his own hand and the related possibilities. Nowadays, there is an increased interest in online rummy games. So many new players are downloading apps like Playship to play rummy. In this blog we will provide you with 11 incredible tips, using which you’ll obtain mastery in the rummy game in no time.

  1. Proper arrangement of your hand: After the first cards have been dealt to all, take some time to organise your cards into separate suits in either ascending or descending order. Form all the present and potential sets and/or sequences that you can. This will help you to pick and discard cards more efficiently.
  2. Keeping cool and mixing things up: It is important to not make moves that might reveal your hand to the opponents. One must always maintain their composure. Panicking while you play rummy can lead to you losing a useful card while picking up one that comes to no use. Patience and awareness are key in a rummy game.
  3. Using the joker cards tactfully: Depending on the rule of the particular rummy game, a regular card or printed jokers may be used as joker cards. Joker cards can take the form of any cards, enabling you to complete sets and sequences which are otherwise done. You should always be patient with joker cards, using them only where necessary. This would significantly increase the effectiveness of the jokers.
  4. Knowing when to drop: When you play rummy, you can’t approach every round hoping to win it. In the end, rummy is about losing as little point as possible. So when you get a hand that is significantly hard to organise into combinations, it is sometimes better to drop it early to minimise loss of points.
  5. Creating pure sequences: Once you receive a hand, make it a priority to form pure runs as soon as possible. In the rummy game, you must have at least one pure sequence in hand before you are allowed to declare the game. Pure runs are formed by combining at least 3 consecutive cards from the same suit. For example- 6,7,8 or J,Q,K
  6. Discarding high value cards: In rummy, try to play with lower value cards as much as possible. In case you lose the round, the points won’t add too much to your total tally. This is crucial, as in most varieties of rummy game, the player with the least points at the end of the game wins.
  7. Using lower value cards: Numbered cards are the desirable cards to play with in a rummy game as they carry the least points.
  8. Observing opponents: In rummy you must always keep track of your opponents’ movements as they might give you useful clues.
  9. Knowing which cards to discard: According to your hand there will be certain cards which will be of no use to you in forming valid combinations. Be sure to discard these cards as soon as possible.
  10. Reduction of risks: You might want to arrange your hand in alternative colours, like red-black-red or black-red-black. This will ensure that confusion does not get to you, and you don’t discard a useful card by mistake in the heat of the game.
  11. Having a plan: Using your experience and practice to form a premeditated strategy might be the X factor setting you apart from all the competition when you play rummy