Practice Games

“Practice makes you perfect”. And we couldn’t agree more when it comes to rummy. That’s why we have practice games where you can learn new skills and perfect the ones you already have. Each practice game will help you up your game and get you ready to rock a rummy party.

Play Unlimited Practice Games on Playship

play 24X7

Play 24×7

Pre Delivered Chips

Pre-delivered chips

Play as much you like

Play as much as you like

Playship enables you to play unlimited practice games with pre-delivered chips that you have in your wallet. Practice rummy games are available 24×7 and you can enter them any time to polish your skills and get even better at your favourite game. There are 3 types of practice games you can play :

Points Rummy

The one who gets to zero first, is the winner here. Points rummy is the simplest format of the game. In this, each card carries some points with it and as you go on making sequences and sets, the points keep reducing. It’s the same as a cash points rummy game.

points Game
points Game

Pool Rummy (Syndicate Rummy)

101 Pool Button 201 Pool Button 61 Pool Button

Pool rummy has variations in itself. 101, 201, and 61. This exciting format of online rummy game requires you to keep your score as low as possible. If your score reaches 101/201/61, depending on the game, you will be dropped out. This format is also known as “syndicate” rummy. Quite a cool name right?

points Game
points Game

Deals Rummy

Ahh, the most common and widely played format of the game. And there’s a fair reason for that. In this variant, a pre-decided number of chips are distributed at the very beginning of the game and recalculated at the end. The trick is to win by bigger margins, so if you don’t have the best cards, it’s better you drop in a 6-player game but if it’s a 2-player game, you can’t drop. And this is where your skills come in handy.

points Game
points Game

Advantage of Playing Free Rummy Games

It’s free! And although it’s a free game, what it actually does is, it prepares you for the cash ones. Use practice games like sportspersons use their training ground. Experiment new tricks, and solidify your skills.

You Gain Confidence

It is much better to play practice games that are completely free and help in gaining confidence about the gameplay.

No Pressure

When you play rummy online free, you are enjoying the game and not focussing on the winning amount. You play more freely and not stress about the money, and this is how you should play in cash games too.

Unlimited chips

This means you can play unlimited practice games. What’s better than that?

Improves Skill

Playing free rummy online is the best way to improve your skills and get ahead of your friends. The more you play, the better you get.

It’s your laboratory

Consider this your test lab before you fly a rocket for real. Do as many experiments as you can, find out your style of play, find out what you’re good at, and observe what others do at the table.

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