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At Playship, we are always open to hearing what our users have to say about us. Yes, we are weird like that. We don’t like anyone to mince their words. This is why we take it on the chin when the pain puri bhaiya says one shouldn’t make the puri so spicy, or when the filter coffee shop owner gives us looks for giving him too much business. Neither do our bosses sugarcoat their feedback nor do the juniors sweeten their opinions. We are weird like that, which is why we can take almost any feedback that you give us. Having said that, why is the world so against constructive criticism? Isn’t it rather helpful? Where you, the user, tell us what you genuinely feel, and we the passionate tech nerds incorporate it in the app that you love so much.

So think of yourself as your favourite teacher, or the strict parent or the chirpy sibling or the ever-caring friend. The one who does not hesitate from telling us things the way they are. The one who tells us when the app doesn’t live up to the standards or if any service or feature just wasn’t up to the mark.

So, go ahead, if you have any feedback, areas of concern, or issues with Playship, don’t hesitate. Just feel free to share it with us. And if you just want to compliment us, we are open to hearing that too from you.

How to raise a ticket?

At the end of every game, you will get an option to raise a ticket for various reasons. If you feel any of the reasons fits your query, just mark it, add app screenshots if necessary, and you’re good to go. We guarantee 100% fair play on Playship and the ticket system helps us keep it that way.

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